Published: Wings – the first issue

Yay! Een nieuwe freelance klus. Ik ga schrijven voor het nieuwe bedrijfsblad van Mister-B, een fesitjwinkel in Amsterdam. Check hieronder de drie artikelen die ik heb geschreven.

‘Men can be men again’
With his Cuts and Curls hair salon, leather man Richard Bolk Rotter has been the face of Amsterdam for twenty years. On Korte Leidsedwarsstraat, he cuts the hair of Dutch celebrities and non-celebrities alike with a tremendous passion for the business. “I not only sell a haircut, but an experience,” says Richard. “We speak each other’s language.”

#FFF – Fetish, Fashion Future!
Working with Marie Antoinette style table dresses and jewellery valued at more than a million euros is not a problem for Jeroen Bloemers. This creative designer and employee of Mister B is just as passionate about fetish as he is about drag. “It’s something different than fetish. People don’t expect it when you dress in leather at a pride parade”, says the designer.

SM Master – “You need to trust each other 100%”

He has two slaves and is known for his performances at fetish parties. Safety and trust are the key words here. So far, nothing has ever gone wrong”, says the SM Master. “I’ve known my slaves for years; they’re friends of mine. I look at their body language and know exactly what is acceptable and what is not.”

Wings is verkrijgbaar bij Mister B.